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In partnership with architects and architectural firms, we can provide innovative solutions and procedures towards creating excellence in acoustic and electroacoustic design and installation. We always look forward to participate in the collaborative design process.

The Process

Step 01: Inception

At this stage we undertake a comprehensive acoustic survey to establish the existing acoustic environment and detect the acoustic defects in the space. This may involve the use of equipment for measuring and analyzing sound and sometimes interviews with key user groups. Thereafter some acoustical criteria for the space is established.

The acoustical criteria will detail the optimum acoustic environment required, this may include: the sound isolation requirements, the noise criterion (NC) and the reverberation time (RT60). After the acoustical criteria for the space has been established and the quality of the sound as it relates to the budget has been determined. This will be presented in the form of an acoustic report presented in both hard and soft copy formats.

An assessment of facility audio system needs is also undertaken, through interviews or a survey of existing equipment (if applicable). If the end user is not yet available, we will develop an audio system description and budget based on expected experience and requirements for each space.


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