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Indoor installed LED screens

Absen KL series boasts a high level of brightness, grayscale, contrast ratio and refresh rate.Ready-to-Use LED Screen. Superior Quality Vibrant Color for Better Vision.

Rental portable LED screens

Absen PL Lite Series LED Display Panel : The smart choice Curve,Quick and Solid.reliable indoor & outdoor solution, Higher Utilisation, Support More Applications and Better ROI( return on investment)

Commercial LED screens

Absen K Plus series LED Display can be installed Live studio, Pub,Stage,Theatre,College,Meeting room,Hotels , etc.Commericial Display:Excellent visual performance,Panel working status monitoring,Front & rear installation.

Conferencing LED screens

Absenicon is a revolutionary all-in-one LED screen for conferencing, with standard large size and 16:9 standard aspect ratio. -Create the Ultimate Meeting Experience, delivering the ultimate meeting experience

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