After sale Services

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Products or parts, the warranty period is as follows:

1. Product categories: power amplifiers, decoders, timing power supplies, mixers, active speakers, passive speakers, electronic drums, electronic pianos, Buddhist prayer machines, and microphones are free for one year from the date of purchase.

2. Accessories: voice coil, diaphragm, and high-frequency driver of the speaker unit; voice coil and diaphragm of the microphone are free for three months from the date of purchase. (For a contract with a warranty period of 3 to 5 years or a contract longer than 5 years, the above accessories are free for 1 year from the date of purchase.)

3. Paid services: brackets, welding wires, plugs, cables, cabinets, etc., only the cost of materials and basic labor costs are charged.

4. Other instructions: Theaters, government projects, large projects, etc. are mainly based on the warranty period signed by the contract.

 Situations are not the cases of free product warranty service:

1. There is a collision or burning accident caused by artificial non-product quality problems;

2. Damage caused by unauthorized modification, disassembly, opening, etc., as instructed by the unofficial instructions;

3. Damage caused by improper installation, use and operation that is not guided by the instructions;

4. In the absence of official instructions, the customer repairs the damage caused by the assembly by himself;

5. Damage caused by circuit modification or improper use of battery packs and chargers guided by unofficial instructions;

6. All damage caused by flight and shooting that are not operated according to the product instructions;

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