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At Sound Creations, we understand how people respond to various acoustic environments, enabling us to apply acoustical science to buildings and spaces resulting in delivery of successful results. We apply good acoustical analysis and design in collaboration with the entire project team to maximize client satisfaction.

We use sophisticated software and equipment to measure, store and analyze acoustical parameters. The information is then communicated in the most appropriate format to the client and other consultants, when required. Sometimes, a space may require electroacoustic enhancement as the only architectural acoustic solution. When this is needed, Sound Creations can design and supply the necessary enhancement required, having been in the electroacoustic enhancement business for over 15 years.

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Acoustic process
Architectural Acoustic Services
In partnership with architects and architectural firms, we can provide innovative solutions and procedures towards creating excellence in acoustic and electroacoustic design and installation. We always look forward to participate in the collaborative design process.

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Using advance acoustic testing and measurement equipment, Sound Creations’ consultants can evaluate and analyze different spaces to develop acoustic criteria as well as evaluate their achievement with utmost accuracy.

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Critical listening spaces such as auditoria, churches, studios, theatres, conference rooms, home theaters and all speech intelligibility sensitive spaces benefit from accurate acoustic design. We provide appropriate surface treatments to enhance the audio experience in these spaces.

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