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Nightclub lighting always adds to the entertainment, emerging light, sound and people with atmosphere to take the crowds experience over the top. Nightclub lighting is available in a few different configurations. These include, Moving Head, Sports,Beams and Scanner type lights as well as Par Can and Wash bar Lighting. Moving head lights can be a combination of spots, beams or washes and are usually focused over the dance floor, however can be implemented anywhere the lighting deigned wants to add the dramatic affects of moving light


Moving head lights can also be programmed to move, change color, strobe or display gobo’s (shape, color, design or logo of the light beam) on your dance floor or wall by using a DMX controller, computer program or a built in program that works of sound or uses random built in program profiles. Moving head (or moving yoke) lights are equipped with super-crisp, high quality optical systems to cover large areas with high quality designs and logic systems to provide reliable light show performances and offer very low maintenance.


laser light show projectors produce amazing and incredible laser light displays over the crowds at nightclub, discos or concerts by blasting laser beams all over the top of the dance floor Club Lasers are available is many power factors, and the more power have the better the laser light show and aerial laser beam specail effects.


Black lights are UV lights sources that are specially designed and are made in a few different lamp or bulb designs – these include fluorescent lamps, mercury vapor lamps,  LED (light-emitting diodes), lasers, or incandescent lamps. Black or UV Lighting has been used for all kinds of special propose lighting including nightclubs, theaters, stage and special effects in assessment parks


Special effects lighting is a combination of different lighting systems the are combined to add mood, color or mind blowing visual effects. Special effect lights are used to add special or unique color and visual impact to ares of an venue that the light designer wants


Stage and theatrical lighting is the design, programming and implementation of special lights and lighting in the production of theatre, dance, opera, nightclubs and other performance arts. There are many different types of stage lighting that can be used. In addition to basic lighting, modern stage lighting can also include special effects, such as lasers and fog machines

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