• Scarlett

  • Shure Headphones

  • BX anatomy

  • Projectors (NEC)

    `With scalable bezel-free image sizing, projection is the most flexible of display solutions providing creative opportunities to inform, present and impress. Offering many advantages where flat screen displays are unsuitable, NEC offers a wide range of technologies and brightness levels to perfectly meet the need of numerous and varied applications.  

  • Strings (Dunlop)

    Performance+ Strings are designed with you in mind. They strike the perfect balance between tension and flexibility and project  

  • Guitar Strap( Ibanez)

    Ibanez Prestige Leather straps are made with the Proto-Core leather engineered by Kushitani, Japan’s renowned racing suit manufacturer. These gorgeous straps conform to your body shape like an old friend.   Ibanez BWS series “Bass Workshop” straps are made especially for the needs of bass players. The wide, padded and heavy duty straps provide supreme […]

  • Drum Heads (Evans)

  • Drum Sticks(Zildjian)

    Introducing Zildjian Underground, a brand new series from Zildjian, pairing six top Zildjian Artists with some of the hottest DJs in the industry, for an exclusive pop-up show.  Filmed at Le Poisson Rouge in New York City, this first series of Zildjian Underground episodes takes you on a musical adventure under the musical direction of Zildjian Artist, […]