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In Kenya hip-hop is largely seen as a post-modern Western genre brought to us by globalisation in the 1990s. However, academicians such as Russell A. Potter, in his book titled Spectacular Vernaculars (1995), trace the origin of hip-hop roots to Africa. In a country of over 40 tribes, a unifying factor is necessary. Music is the best unifying factor not only for countrymen but also for the world.

As the most identifiable genre with turntablism as an art form and musical practice, Kenyan DJs have heavily borrowed and identified with this practice. Visual turntablism being the more recent phenomenon in which "visual turntablists," or "VJs," incorporate pictures, video, and computer generated effects into their live performances utilizing a separate video mixer in combination with their turntablist equipment. It can contain visuals without the audio being necessarily directly associated or synchronized. Since video mixing became incorporated into DJ hardware from Pioneer, and DJ software such as Scratch Live, visual turtablism have moved from being a DJ with a "VJ," to being solely the DJ mixing music videos much the same way as music was mixed before.

Reloop DJ with a variety of resourceful DJ products that encourage creativity in music stands on the fore front of the most possibilities open to a DJ as a musician. This imprints a professional individual signature on any music composed or mixed. Explore the wide range of Reloop products and get intouch with us for any inquiries.

33BEATS DJ Development Center

It is a Deejay School set with a purpose greater than just showing students how to blend songs and beat match. We are here to mentor and show you what it really takes to be a Deejay in this modern day industry.

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33BEATS DJ Services

At Thirty three beats, they believe music has the ability to set a mood, energize the crowd, and get a party started. On your special day, having a DJ who can read the crowd and understand your taste in music is extremely important
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