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CONSULTANCY Consultation is a vital process to any of our solutions not just for our project clientele but also still for our basic customers. Understanding applications purposes, environment of use and capabilities of what we sell and install helps the client get the best from all our solutions. We provide a wide portfolio of design […]
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INTEGRATION IntegrationWith a human resource pool of experienced technical sound specialists, we offer professional site mapping, consultation, system design, installation, commissioning, training and support for all audio and acoustic needs. This is not limited to conferencing systems, road trucks and home Théâtre needs. Internal Room Acoustics and Surface TreatmentsCritical listening spaces such as auditoria, churches, […]
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After sale Services or parts, the warranty period is as follows: 1. Product categories: power amplifiers, decoders, timing power supplies, mixers, active speakers, passive speakers, electronic drums, electronic pianos, Buddhist prayer machines, and microphones are free for one year from the date of purchase. 2. Accessories: voice coil, diaphragm, and high-frequency driver of the speaker unit; voice […]
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