All Saints Cathedral, Trinity Center Project

Towards the end of 2013, we were approached by the All Saints Cathedral Church concerning a new structure they had just completed next

to their main Church.  They had built a 2000 square meter multipurpose auditorium. The design of the auditorium was fairly conventional with two sections; a the lower level that seats 1,400 people and a 600 seat balcony.

The idea behind the auditorium was a multipurpose space with flexible options that can work for clients from within the church and outside, who desire to hold meetings of any type with an audience of up to 2,000 people. The Church had already installed a display system that included several LED TV screens and cameras covering every angle of the stage and showing text and images with ease throughout the whole venue.

Thus, the Church was in need of sound system to match the specifications.

The dynamic solution we deployed had the following attributes:

1.  Modular and adaptive in design: The system I/O should be able to provide multiple routing options on demand enabling different sections of the auditorium to be used for different functions.

2.   Reliable and consistent: To provide quality, intelligible audio and service for an extended period of time with minimal maintenance costs.

3.   Ease of use: Saving time and effort in setting up the system for different events.

4.   Efficiency in design and implementation: Thus, reduced economic footprint during installation, use and service.

5.   Upgradable:  To accommodate future audio and I/O formats.

6.   Cost effective: Affordable financing plan with allowance for support services and

fluid backup response.

Despite the wide choice of available solutions, after careful consideration, we trimmed down the options to just four brands and eleven models.


dBTechnologies, our solid partner since 2009, was our prime choice. Its wide range of product models, purpose built speaker systems, research and development were advantageous while coming up with a solution to a project of this scale. The final solution included:

1.   Twelve dB T12 for the main P.A line array

2.   Ten dB Flexsys F8 for the area below the balcony

3.   Two dB S30N

4.   Two dB S10


5.   Six dB DVX DM 15 monitors

For the line array and balcony delay fill speakers, our efforts were centered around two main objectives:

  • Coverage

The 40 by 25 meter auditorium had two main zones, the lower floor and upper balcony separated by a 4 meter drop. Since the two areas were logically separate, it was necessary that a zoning solution with even coverage be applied on both the line array and the balcony fills during installation.

The dB T12, with 100 degree horizontal coverage, 60Hz to 19,000Hz frequency response and approximately 1,400 watts R.M.S each was enough to cover the upper section of the hall. Six of the twelve (first three from up on either side) boxes were angled towards the upper section.

The remainder of the hall, including the lower section underneath the balcony and side fills were covered with a set of db Flexsys F8 powered units, capable of reproducing high, mid-high and mid low frequencies to extend the coverage of the main system.

  • Zoning

dB Technologies also provided a zoning solution in the form of a speaker management application known as D.V.A Network which utilizes an Ethernet network controller  to control the D.S.P within each speaker amplifier. This option enables the system users to control multiple characteristics within each T12 including individual gain levels, ON/STANDBY modes, and E.Q presets.

Allen & Heath

Since 2011, we have been working with Allen&Heath to provide our customers with pristine mixing consoles and audio devices. Our chosen items from the Allen&Heath lineup were:

1.   Allen & Heath iLive T112 control surface

2.   Allen & Heath IDR 64 Mix Rack

The iLive T112 provided plenty of room and controls enabling the users to perform routing tasks with ease. The routing options are displayed visually on the iLive console on a full color display. The iLive console also allows full save and recall options, hence multiple routing settings can be saved, backed up and recalled whenever necessary.

This coupled with the Allen&Heath IDR64 offered plenty of I/O to perform zoning, routing and delays for the whole system while maintaining the neat simple to use and understand setup that the client needed.


We also enlisted several other products, including Sommer Cable, Shure and Samson, which we believe will  provide a long term  solid solution to the client.

The Auditorium was opened for business approximately a year before we were called, and with the improvement in the sound system, the hiring out charges have nearly tripled. This is a proof of the value addition and untapped potential within such venues when efforts are made to improve their media facilities.

All Saints Trinity is an example that speaks for itself, and it speaks loud and clear now!

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