Key Features
  • For VC520 PRO Video Conferencing System
  • Increase Voice Pickup Range up to 30′
  • Maximize Audio Coverage, 6W Speaker
  • Full Speakerphone Controls Available
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The AVer VC520 PRO Expansion Speakerphone is designed to expand the VC520 PRO Video Conferencing System’s microphone pickup range and maximize audio coverage. This full-duplex speakerphone is equipped with a powerful speaker and a mic that picks up voice within 360° at up to 15′, giving you configuration flexibility regardless of your room design or seating arrangements in meeting rooms and classrooms.

To avoid crowding around one speakerphone, you can daisy-chain this Expansion Speakerphone to the speakerphone that’s included with the VC520 PRO video conferencing system and achieve a 30′ voice-pickup radius. For larger spaces, you can also daisy chain a second Expansion Speakerphone for a maximum of three speakerphones and a wide 45′ voice-pickup radius.

Full speakerphone control is available on all units within the chain, including mute/unmute, volume up/down, call answer, and call hang-up. A 33′ Cat 6 speakerphone cable is included.

Crystal-Clear Audio for Conferencing

The Expansion Speakerphone features full-duplex transmission that’s entirely free from sound clipping, allowing for fluid conversation both ways.
The unit is equipped with a two-microphone array that picks up voices evenly in the room with automatic gain control, echo cancellation, and background noise suppression to optimize speech intelligibility.
The 6W speaker provides powerful sound distribution to all participants.


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