Stage Piano

  • 88 Keys
  • Hammer mechanism with triple sensor and weighted keys
  • Virtual hammer-action technology for significantly improved response
  • OLED display
  • 1 GB of memory for Nord Piano Library
  • 512 MB for the North Sample Library
  • Seamless Transitions (uninterrupted switching between sounds)
  • 120-Voice polyphony for the piano section and 30-voice polyphony for the synth section
  • Organise function to reorder the programs and samples
  • Numeric pad mode for direct selection of programs by entering the program number
  • Layer and split functionality with split point crossfades
  • Creative Piano Filters to adjust the sound character
  • Dynamic Pedal Noise with Nord Triple Pedal (included)
  • Effects section with stereo effects
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Clavia Nord Piano 4 is a stage piano with new keyboard technology, improved hammer action, expanded memory for the Nord Piano Library and excellent piano sounds. The sounds of the piano section – no less than 6 grand pianos, 5 upright pianos, 11 electric pianos, clavinet and harpsichord – can be layered with the sample synth section, which contains the iconic sounds of Mellotron and Chamberlin, among others. The fourth generation Nord Piano has taken over many of the features of the Nord Piano 3, but some areas have been revised and expanded.

A range of new features

The Nord Piano 4 now has Piano Filters that allow you to customize the sounds. In addition, there are now Split Point Crossfades, with which sounds that were distributed to areas of the keyboard with the Split function can be faded over one or two octaves. The extension of the Nord Stage piano with the Seamless Transitions function makes the quick change of a sound more pleasant and natural, since longer release times and reverb tabs are no longer cut off, but fade out while the new sound is already loaded;

The Nord Piano 4 with new effects

The Clavia Nord 4 has a number of authentic sounding effects. There are Pan, Tremolo and Stereo Wah/Auto-wah that can be controlled with control pedals. In addition, stereo phaser, flanger and chorus are available in two strength settings each. It is also possible to use a stereo delay with tap function and a 3-band EQ to improve the sound. A range of distortion effects and a stereo compressor, as well as reverb as master effect in 4 modes are also available;

Piano playing with precision & dynamics: Virtual Hammer Action Technology

The virtual Hammer Action technology, exclusively made for Nord, simulates the hammer movements in a grand piano and enables outstanding authenticity and dynamics when playing the piano sounds. The triple-sensor keyboard allows precise control of key movements, which is particularly important when playing dynamic piano sounds live. With the Nord Piano 4 it is easy to develop a precise and expressive playing.

Playing piano with layersounds: Sample Synth Section

The sample-synth section in Nord Piano 4 has 512 MB of memory and offers a versatile selection of high-quality sampled sounds such as the exclusively licensed sounds of Mellotron and Chamberlin from a wide range of genres. In addition, synthesizer sounds are offered, which contain a very good selection of analog classics and digital synths. The sample polyphony has increased to 30+ voices, which is ideal for playing fat layer sounds.

Play piano with the best sounds: Nord Piano Library

The Clavia Nord Piano 4 offers 1 GB of memory for sounds from the Nord Piano Library that have been carefully selected for their specific and individual character. The factory bank contains 6 categories ex works: Grand Pianos, Upright Pianos, E-Pianos, Digital, Clavinet and Harpsichord. Each category can contain up to 20 different instruments that can be edited and managed with Nord Sound Manager software. The detailed sampling technology reproduces piano sounds in their full range. This is certainly one of the reasons why Clavia stage pianos are so popular and are played by professional pianists and keyboarders worldwide. The sound quality of the Nord Piano 4, combined with the excellent playing characteristics, is impressively good.

Always the latest sounds: Nord Sample Editor 2.0

Nord Sample Editor 2.0 is constantly updated and new additions can be downloaded for free! The Sample-Synth section offers settings like attack, decay / release, dynamic control and volume of the selected sound.
, and you can even create your own sample instruments with the included Nord Sample Editor software
Load the.wav files, assign them to the keys on the keyboard.

The Nord Sample Editor can also help you edit your loops and sounds.

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