Key Features
  • For Podcasts, Vlogs, Music, or VoIP
  • Sleek Mic with Built-In Removable Stand
  • Included USB & Lightning Cables
  • For Mac/Windows & Lightning iOS Devices
  • Works with DAWs & Mobile Apps
  • Cardioid Pattern Minimizes Room Pickup
  • Built-In 3.5mm Headphone Jack
  • High-Quality 48 kHz/24-Bit Audio Capture
  • DSP for Vocals, Flat & Instruments
  • Shure Apps for Editing & Sharing Content
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Get a great sound on spoken vocals and acoustic instruments with the Shure MOTIV MV5, a mobile microphone than can plug straight into your computer or iOS device. Whether you’re podcasting, singing, playing guitar, or chatting over VoIP, the MV5 will give you a great sound, thanks to its high-quality 48 kHz / 24-bit recording capture and cardioid polar pattern, which minimizes unwanted room noise.

This mic, styled in gray with black foam, is perfect for anyone who records on their computer one day and their iPhone the next. Whichever device you pair and power it, simply plug it in with the included USB cable, set it up on the supplied stand, plug your favorite headphones into the 3.5mm jack, and get started. The mic will work with your favorite DAW or mobile app, but for an extra-customized experience, use the free ShurePlus MOTIV Mobile Recording or ShurePlus MOTIV Mobile Video apps for editing and sharing your media.


Please note, this Shure MOTIV MV5 is sold in the old packaging. That is the only difference between this item and the other MOTIV MV5 on this site presented in this color.

Tabletop Recording in Any Locale

Take this mic from your home studio to the hotel room—just set it up on a table, plug it in, and get started recording. With the built-in stand, it’s easy to set up anywhere. Want to use a different mic stand? No problem: the mic uses standard threading to work with other mounts and tripods. And, with lightning and USB cables included, you can pick and choose your recording device at will.

High-Quality Audio

The mic captures high-quality 48 kHz / 24-bit audio, making it suitable for use in professional applications. Also, the highly directional cardioid polar pattern will help tamp down unwanted room noise and ambience.

Built-In Monitoring & DSP

Use the built-in headphone jack to monitor the recording in process over your favorite pair of headphones. Also, note that the mic has three built-in DSP presets: Voice, Flat, and Instrument. Voice and Instrument apply EQ and compression best suited to the task. Flat leaves your vocals alone, so you can process them later.

Handy Companion Software

The ShurePlus MOTIV audio app gives you the ability to record studio-quality audio—and so much more. Trim and share in multiple formats, all with a few quick taps. Recording video? Use the MOTIV Video App


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