Key Features
  • Compact 4-Piece Drum Set
  • For Intimate Acoustic Settings
  • Full, Warm Sound with Medium Attack
  • Transports Easily in Just Two Bags
  • Fast and Simple Setup in Just Minutes
  • Includes Bass Drum, Snare, Two Toms
  • Includes Drum Pedal
  • Includes Mounting Hardware
  • Includes Two Gig Bags
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Designed for on-the-go musicians who’d rather not lug around a sizeable and heavy drum kit, the TAMA Cocktail-JAM Mini is a compact, four-piece, cocktail-style drum kit. It’s suitable for many acoustic genres, as well as hip hop, jazz, and other music played a variety of places. If you’re a drummer playing frequently in packed rehearsal rooms, small acoustic venues (i.e., cafes), or on the street, this kit styled in a hairline blue finish is a useful, utilitarian option, as it sets up in minutes.

Not only that, but due to the poplar construction of the shells employed, the kit packs a full, warm sound with a medium attack, ideal for those who play softer genres such as folk, jazz, and the more acoustic sides of country and alt-country. Included accessories abound, such as a Sound Focus Pad, which can be placed on top of the kick drum to secure a tighter, punchier sound.

A drum pedal designed for the cocktail kick’s upwards orientation is also provided, as is a set of hardware for setting up the kit. When broken down, the Cocktail-JAM Mini will fit into the two bags offered with the kit, making transportation a breeze. Cymbals and a cymbal attachment kit are available separately.

Poplar Shells

Poplar wood has been used in making drum shell for over 50 years. It offers a full, warm tone, as well as a medium attack.

Included Sound Focus Pad

By placing this included Sound Focus Pad on top of the bass drum, you can get a tighter and more isolated bass drum sound.

Included Custom Bags

The Cocktail-JAM Kit includes a specially designed drum bag and hardware bag. You can pack up and transport the entire kit using only these two bags.

Set-up Expandability

You can add cymbals or various percussion instruments by attaching clamps to provided connecting pipes.

Compatible with MCAX5366 Cymbal Attachment Kit

The Cocktail-JAM is fully compatible with the MCAX5366, a cymbal attachment kit that’s been simplified for portability. The hi-hat attachment allows you to open or close the hats by simply flipping a lever.


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