Kigali UP 2018

Powered by dB Technologies, Kigali UP 2018 proved to be a successful platform to debut Sound Creations and show the power of its award-winning brands. This came after a partnership between

Sound Creations Rwanda with the festival’s organizer Popo Murigande (Mighty Popo) a renowned Canadian based musician. The annual festival brings an average of 150 delegates and 25 regional and international artists and has enjoyed a good standing over the years.

The event sponsorship by Sound Creations encompassed provision of all sound and backline gear. Main component used comprised of dB technologies 18 pieces T8 and 6 pieces T12, KS10 4 flying Subs, DVX DM15TH stage monitors, 12 pieces of dB Technologies S30 subs, Shure Axient Digital AD4Q microphones, 2 CL5 Yamaha digital mixers among others.

This 8th edition festival featured renowned African born Reggae Giant Alpha Blondy from Cote D’Ivoire as the headliner. Other international artists featured at the course of the event include: Joey Blake (US) and Kenny Wesley (US), Third Eye (Malawi), Lulu (Malawi), Annet Nandujja (Uganda) and Sangoa (DRC).

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