Key Features
  • Pair of Alpha 80 Evos in 1 Package
  • Bi-Amped Low-Distortion Design
  • Multiple Types of Analog Inputs
  • 35 Hz to 22 kHz Frequency Response
  • Monitor can be Mounted on Wall
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Focal ALPHA-80 Overview

Bundled together by B&H into a pair of monitors for your convenience, this Focal Alpha 80 Evo Monitor Kit provides you with nearfield monitoring with a frequency range of 35 Hz ro 22 kHz, making it quite useful for judging the low end without a subwoofer. With its bass-reflex rounded cabinet, versatile filtering, clean bi-amped Class-D amplification, and a bevy of connection points, this monitor can suit a wide variety of mixing rooms, giving mixing and postproduction engineers a sound they can rely upon.

Low directivity: designed to maintain the same sound throughout the room
Damping and rigidity: designed for neutrality, low distortion
Optimized for similar tonal balance at low and high volumes; low sensitivity to wall effects
Reduced power consumption


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